Have you noticed that you spend too much time creating contracts? What about browsing email threads to find the right changes and comments? Or don't you remember where you saved the contract?

Sowise eliminates all of these challenges for you. You can edit the details in the same work view as the contract partner, and you can send the finished contract to your customer for signing within the software. All agreements are automatically archived in the service. That is, no more multiple word versions and comments in an email. You save time in contract management, and you can focus on building customer relationships and partnerships.

Create a document

With the software, you can easily create documents for your company, with just a few clicks. The creation of a document is quickly created in the software from a computer or phone.


Document are modified within the software. You need an active google account to edit contract templates and contracts.



The software allows you to quickly share draft documents, and as a user, you decide to whom the documents will be distributed.


Contracts are signed digitally. You can verify the identity of signatories with strong authentication.


Documents are automatically archived after they are created. You do not need to separately save, move, or create folders for saving.


We will help you and your company to function more efficient.

Rasmus Pohjoiskoski CEO & Partner, Sowise (WS Contract Solutions Oy).

"At Sowise, we are excited about our software, its efficiency and, above all, its simplicity. The software is for individuals and companies who want to add quality and control to the contract process. We are able to improve and save time in the process."

Rasmus Pohjoiskoski

Create a new document with a few clicks

In the software, you create templates and documents using our Google integration. All you have to do is link a Google Account and you're good to go:

  • Create, edit, and comment on documents
  • To share documents with your customers and partners
  • To sign documents digitally
  • Find the right documents through our automatic archiving
  • Manage the activities and users in your organization


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