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One-Click Automatic Document Creation and Electronic Signatures in Your User Interface

Sowise is meticulously designed to cater to your customers' needs, enhancing their experience with the power of automation. With one click, we enable automatic document creation directly within your platform's interface, significantly reducing manual input. Imagine your users being able to generate a sales contract with customer, product, and payment information already filled in, utilizing data from your solution. No more repetitive data entry, no more errors - just seamless, accurate document creation at the click of a button.

Sowise also integrates the world's best editors into your software, allowing for the flexibility of editing templates and documents using Word or Google Docs, as per your users' preferences. This fusion of automation and customization provides an unbeatable solution for your users' document needs.

Beyond efficient document creation, we support Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), the highest level of e-signatures as per EU regulations, across all EU countries, ensuring your users' transactions are legally robust. Our service offers global coverage, allowing your users to sign using over 2,000 international identity documents and national bank identification solutions. 

Lastly, Sowise greatly enhances the document management experience for your users. They can efficiently store, track, and access all their important documents in one place, without leaving your platform's interface. With Sowise, your platform provides a robust, efficient, and globally accessible document management solution, integrating the world's best document creation and management tools into your own interface.

Benefits at a Glance

Automated Document Creation: With Sowise, your users can effortlessly create complete documents with a single click. Our solution leverages customizable templates tailored to your platform's specific needs, automatically filling in the necessary data for swift, precise document creation.

Embedded Electronic Signatures: Empower your users to sign documents electronically within your platform, without the need for third-party tools. Sowise supports Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) across all EU countries and over 2,000 international identity documents.

Seamless Document Management: Our solution allows your users to store, track, and access their documents within your platform's interface, streamlining their workflow and boosting productivity.

Integration with Top Editing Tools: Sowise allows document editing using Word or Google Docs, offering the flexibility to work with the world's best editors.

Customized Workflows and Support: We partner with you to design and implement the best document management processes for your platform. You'll receive comprehensive documentation, tailored workflows, and dedicated support to ensure seamless integration.

Cost-Effective Pricing: Our starting price is just 399€ per month, regardless of your user count, making Sowise a value-for-money investment that significantly enhances your platform's capabilities.

Sowise Welcomes Its First Integration Partners to Revolutionize Document Creation and Management

We are thrilled to announce that Sowise is actively onboarding its first integration partners, marking a significant step towards revolutionizing document creation and management across diverse software platforms. Currently, we're engaged in discussions with a wide array of service providers, from CRM and ERP to HR, Real Estate Agencies, Project Management, Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, and Chatbot services. These discussions reflect the untapped opportunities lying within these platforms, which have not previously had embedded document creation and signing tools. With Sowise, these platforms can seize the opportunity to enhance their user experience, making automatic document creation, signing, and storage a seamless, integrated process, eliminating the need for users to rely on multiple tools.

Integration partnerships with Sowise extend beyond just providing software. We work closely with you to design the best processes that suit your specific needs. We provide comprehensive documentation, offer customized workflows, and a dedicated support team to ensure seamless integration of our solution into your platform. And with a starting price of just 399€ per month, irrespective of your user count, we offer an affordable solution that brings significant value to your platform and all your users. Don’t just take our word for it, get in touch with us today and find out how Sowise can revolutionize your platform’s capabilities. Let's work together to seize this opportunity and provide a smoother, more efficient document process for your users.

Built for Everyone

Easy-to-use ensures new users learn to use the platform. Our intuitive user experience will help you streamline your contracts.

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I am an apartment investor and Sowise's signature service has proven to be a good tool for signing rental agreements. I am also satisfied with Sowise's customer service, whenever I have had questions I have received help quickly, kindly and professionally

- Suvi
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Extremely easy to use and I enjoy that my manual tasks are almost gone. My customers enjoyed the simple signing flow.

- Sami
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The advantage of Sowise is the possibility to save and update your own contract templates. We have our own bases for different small storage locations. When we draw up a new lease, we can always choose a pre-filled lease as needed

- Pasi
Investor, co-founder
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The use of the service was easy, and the platform was nicely simplified. All the signatures were successful without any issues, and the information flowed in real-time.

Real Estate Investor
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Having taken thousands of signatures during my sales career, I can say that Sowise could have existed already 10 years ago. When we moved from the mailing of papers to the first signature services, they made life easier, but no one has found or offered an alternative to them until now.

Finance Manager