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No matter what stage a company is at in its digitalisation process, Sowise will help take the next step. Your company can manage its own documents and contracts more efficiently when they are digitally processed and archived in one place from the start.

From the beginning, Sowise has been thought of from a collaborative perspective. You can invite a legal entity to the service for an individual contract or share the entire contract portfolio with a law firm or even your customers. In this way, you have access to the expertise of experts continuously and efficiently and enhance your communication with your customers. 

Table of Contents

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Should I Use a Digital Solution?

Digital contract management is the process of creating, storing, and managing contracts and agreements using digital tools and technologies. This includes creation and signing of contracts, as well as storing them in a digital platform. 

It can also help to reduce the risk of errors and mistakes, and make it easier to track and manage contract performance. No matter if you're working in a one person team or in a bigger corporation, everyone benefits from Sowise.

How Can We Sign Electronically?

The most comprehensive signature service on the market enables strong authentication over 70 countries. The user can also select an email and SMS signature that enables electronic signing anywhere in the world. 

This means you don't have to use another software for signing documents, it's just a few clicks away within our platform. Invite the signees for a safe and smooth signing process.

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Can We Automate Steps?

We believe, that if automation helps you and your company work more efficiently, we use it. We use open API so Sowise can be integrated in almost any way necessary. 

As an example, we can transfer data directly to your own database or you can use Slack and WhatsApp to receive notification directly from you documents.