About Us

They are involved in almost every important moment. A new job. A breakthrough collaboration. In a customer relationship, years in the making. They are everywhere, forming the basis of every business-driven relationship. Without them, business, our lives, and the world would not run properly.

The world runs on contracts. But it could run smoother, faster and more collaboratively. Thousands and thousands of people work every day with contracts while the chaos in contract management creates unnecessary confusion and hassle, slowing the process, and results in time wasted on repetitive tasks. What has been missing from the contract management process is an easy, transparent and collaborative path from contract drafting to signing.

We created Sowise so organizations can be wise in their contract management and make it fully digital. At Sowise, we help to turn the contract management hassle and chaos from a business nuisance into an effective business driver. So that people involved with contracts would have fewer risks, uncertainty and back-and-forth work in their contract processes. So that verified trust and increased compliance would become a relevant business advantage for organizations.

A group of web developers working on their computers at a table

Our Story

Sowise's idea was born through the founders' own experiences and together they wanted to create a new kind of collaborative platform for companies. The service is designed to solve problems, streamline processes and bring businesses into the digital world.

Our goal is to provide Sowise services internationally and we are constantly looking for new team members for various roles. If you want to join our global conquest, get in touch!

Meet Our Team


Rasmus Pohjoiskoski

CEO, Co-Founder

  • Entrepreneur with a strong background in leadership
  • Sales and marketing expert
  • Head of international growth

Valtteri Kaartemo

Chariman of the board, Co-Founder

  • Part-time entrepreneur for 10+ years
  • Experienced startup and marketing expert
  • Successfully raised VC-funding as co-founder

Tomi Helevä

CTO, Partner

  • 10+ years of experience in full-stack development
  • Back-end and data policy guru