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How Embedded Electronic Signatures Elevate Your User Experience

Imagine a world where your software's users can create, sign, and view their documents without ever leaving your platform's interface. It's not just about adding a feature—it's about refining the entire user experience.

  • Direct in-app signing: No more need for your users to download, upload and jump into another solution for signing. With Sowise, users can (automatically) add signees and send (automatically-created) documents for signing in the environment they trust.
  • Familiar Interface: Integrating Sowise means all actions from creating a document to requesting signatures and signing happen in your software's UI, keeping the user experience consistent.

Broadening Horizons: The Power of Global Reach We don't limit your international aspirations. Dive into the world of international business with ease. Offer your users the power to sign documents, regardless of borders.

  • Wide-spanning support: Compatible with 2,000+ identity documents and covering all EU nations.
  • One tool, global applications: Seamless signing experiences, be it local contracts or international deals.

Adaptable and User-Centric Design Every software has a personality. Sowise molds itself to fit yours, ensuring documents are managed without compromising your platform’s unique feel. All the features work via API, requiring only your frontend design to make it smooth for your users. 

  • Last-minute edits made easy: Integrated with Word and Google Docs for swift changes.
  • User-centric navigation: Documents are stored, tracked, and accessed effortlessly within your software.

Affordability: Quality at the Right Price A powerful feature doesn't have to break the bank. Sowise is priced transparently, ensuring software developers and owners see the value.

  • Transparent Pricing: A starting price of 399€ a month per organization.
  • No Hidden Terms: No puzzling metrics or user count restrictions. Just a flat fee and transaction-based pricing as we agree with you. 

Conclusion: Seizing the Future with Sowise The digital landscape is bustling with innovations. Amidst this, features that enhance user experience stand out. Embedded document management with world-class electronic signatures, offered by Sowise, are more than just a function—they're a transformative solution. For software developers and owners, integrating such tools isn't just an upgrade; it's a stride into the future. With simplicity, affordability, and adaptability, Sowise promises a user experience like no other. It's time to amplify your software's potential.