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international electronic signatures

How to combine international electronic signatures - a single tool for creating and signing documents and contracts across borders


In case you are looking for a tool to create and sign documents internationally, Sowise is the solution for you (and it works even if you’re happy with a purely domestic solution). Sowise has the widest selection of electronic signature service providers. The best thing is that you can combine all of them when signing a single document without the need for setting up anything yourself. We have it all covered for your convenience. Just send the document out for signing and the signees can choose the method they are most comfortable with. 


Earlier companies have struggled with combining digital signatures from different countries. Particularly, this is a problem when you want to ensure you know who signs the document. If you’re OK with the level of trust you get from email signatures, and you do not need to validate the electronic signatures, then you may have several options to choose from. But if it is, say, a six-figure or otherwise strategically-important contract, are you willing to risk that the electronic signature is invalid or worse, the person/company does not match with the email address? Should you risk all that only because it’s been challenging in the past to collect all those signatures all around the world. 


Some companies have gone through trouble. Typically, they have requested one signature (strong authentication) from one party and then transferred the signed file for signing in another service. But there’s a potential problem managers are not often aware of. Some tools invalidate prior signatures, which may jeopardize the whole process. If the other party argues they never signed the document or that the document is different from the one that they signed, you may end up in trouble. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that documents are signed not only digitally but properly. Then, it’s better to stay within one service and use the strongest signature methods.

Sowise is a contract management platform that lets you choose the minimum level of signatures, and then contract parties across the world can sign the same document. For instance, you can have a combination of Swedish, Estonian, and German bank IDs. In fact, Sowise supports qualified electronic signatures (QES) in more than 70 countries. In Germany, more than 4000 banks, incl. various Sparkassen and Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, can be used to sign documents with just a couple of clicks.

You may sign up at app.sowise.fi/signup to find the list of all countries covered by Sowise.